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The foundation of every revolutionary startup – seed capital

Seeking seed is the foundational success for the startup

The right investor at the seed phase will transform the business


With the pandemic changing the landscape, take a look at how VCs are investing and how to choose the right investor profile. The complete end-to-end business insights on seed-360 degree.

The early-stage funding hopefully grows your startup past the first nascent steps onto a path of growth. For any startup, seed capital is required to develop the idea for the business. It is the first official money raised by the venture from investors. Deciphering the capability of each investor and navigating the entrepreneurs to approach the potential pedigree of the investor.

A prospective seed investor should own the exposure of handling and managing the startup venture. Being the nascent venture taking baby steps, the investors should support and guide them on the growth process than of profit-making course. In simple terms, seek seed capitalists and not financiers.

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Significance of SEED capital

• The startup depends on three ideal resources – idea, fund and people. With the prototype of the disruptive idea, the startup seeks for the level up; to test the idea for which they need seed capitalist.

• The first and primary stage for any entrepreneur that decides their informed decision-making skill. The nascent step determines the visionary growth of the startup.

• Finding the right investor is like you are getting in with a mentor, strategic guide, capitalist, partner and confers great support to new aspirants.

• Setting the ladder towards the next league can only be possible by associating with the right investor.

• Incepting your venture with the right seed investor can open doors that help you in talent acquisition, business deals, and meet the requirements to lead series A.

• Angel and VC partners bring capital along with industry experience, mentorship, and introduction to key customers, executives and other investors.

Spotlights of SEED 360

• The startup has to understand the business and decide which source of investor could be ideal for you. Cross-check for the investor’s capability and if you have a tech startup or software involved business, go for investors who are known to fund technology-based companies.

• Acquire insights on the significance of seed capital and seed investors and how one right capitalist can transform your business, phenomenally.

• Understanding the critical difference between money lenders (financiers) and investors.

• An investor is someone who believes in your business, wants you to grow and is more like a partner while a financier is less equipped with business acumen, focusing only on earning potential and not on long-term growth.

• Funding received from the ideal investor kicks off a positive cycle. 

• One crucial complication for entrepreneurs is that liability goes to investors.

Disclosing the SEED-360 degree

Devising the prototype of the disruptive idea, entrepreneurs look for the level up. The prototyped concept has to be tested, for which seed capital is required. Seed capital provides you with working capital to smoothly run your day-to-day business. It also makes the scaling-up process much easier.

The webinar – SEED 360 degree is all about choosing the right pedigree of investors, seed capital purpose, the nuances, seed capital size, and growth and strategic partnership with the investor. Setting the ladder towards the next league can only be possible by associating with the right investor. To understand the investor’s pedigree and grasp the in-depth knowledge on seed capital investment.

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