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Who we are

It's easy to come up with startup ideas, but much harder to actually quit your job and start a company. I thoroughly enjoy helping people take their first steps – or their 1,000th step – along the path to running their own successful business. With many years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs, I’m well placed to help scope your business idea, help you launch faster and with less risk, or help your existing business flourish.
Some people have always dreamed of running their own business. Others get inspired by their product or service and discover the world of startups almost accidentally. And others believe a startup is simply a more flexible alternative to a traditional job. There is no right or wrong, and all of these drivers can lead to the creation of successful startups. Whether you are wanting to discover your dream business idea, to start a business you have in mind, or to make your existing business more successful, we will work together to create a bespoke, practical action plan to get you moving in the right direction.

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Why Startup Coaching?

Startup Coaching is a specialized application of Business Coaching to start-ups and potential entrepreneurs. As a coach, I accompany and strengthen young entrepreneurs in the three-fold: innovation – clientele targeting – rapid growth. I work both in individual sessions with the entrepreneur and in team sessions with the team that implements an idea. My exquisite Startup Coaching is aimed at people who have formed a business idea and are in the preparation stage or have begun its implementation. More specifically

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Potential and young Founders

Young entrepreneur teams

Startups that are already running

What Can You Expect?


 The stages of preparation and planning are crucial in the transformation process and in Startup Coaching prior to entering the primary implementation phase.

Personal Growth

 Starting a business is challenging. If this is your first business, there will be many new experiences and situations to deal with.
 When we push ourselves into new areas, we move outside of our comfort zone and into the fear zone. Here we can experience self-doubt and lack self-confidence in making our decisions.
  Having a startup coach and someone to talk about these situations with, especially someone who has done and seen this many times before, will help offset these fears.

Professionalization and Consistency

 The cultivation of a professional attitude and behavior towards the venture will transform the idea into a business with a clear plan, roles, and functions.


 There is no denying it. When starting a business, I cannot think of any individual that I have dealt with that has not lacked confidence or certainty when making at least a handful of decisions each month in a startup.
  That is not to say that every time we have the answers exactly, either. As a good startup coach, I can help to weigh up those options and challenge and mediate a thought process. After this, you should have far more confidence in our decision and a newfound rigor to apply to such decisions in the future.

For new business ideas

 Founder Coaching/support
 Testing and refining your new business concept
 Developing business plans
 Operational hacks – how to launch faster, cheaper, with less risk
 Preparing for launch
 Clarifying your business/brand identity/brand messaging
 Testing and refining your new business concept

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