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Trendsetting innovations, luxurious designs, and best quality for spa, beauty, and wellness is La Luxe Spa & Wellness- Taking Wellness to the next level. Our Spa and Wellness department offers more than just a wide range of treatment tables and furniture. Perfectly thought-out solutions for spa equipment, combined with signature treatments, training, and accessories, provide sophisticated spa concepts to create completely new spa experiences.

We are committed to inspiring your wellness journey while delivering uncompromising indulgence and the finest expression of service. Your comfort and enjoyment are important to us.

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We aim to strengthen our health systems, encourage wellbeing, and redefine the ‘spa culture.’ La Luxe Wellness & Spa, an exotic spa, takes you to a new world of pampering and beautifying!
Everyday embellishing has never been so important as now; keeping this in mind, the services are not only matching current trends, but we also set the new trends. Our spa retreats have been specifically designed to suit your lifestyle needs and give you an ample dose of rejuvenation and relaxation. We have come up with a soothing list of therapies, massages, and body wraps that are sure to re-incarnate your senses!


Finest materials, superior quality, best functionality, modern design, and exclusive innovations, coupled with the flexibility to respond quickly to customer requirements, are the guiding principles of our company. We strive to offer our clients exceptional wellness experience while also providing therapists with ergonomic and comfortable designs to minimize discomfort. As such, we are continually seeking new technologies outside of the spa/wellness realm to produce and offer cutting edge designs to truly deliver unparalleled equipment for unforgettable wellness experiences.


Glorious Relaxation

This very special spa day includes use of our wonderful spa facilities and one of our selected 180 minute treatments for a top to toe experience.

Time Out

The perfect escape, enjoy our wonderful facilities for three hours at a time to suit you.Choose from a selection of arrival times,

  • 11:00am - 2:00pm, 1:00pm - 4:00pm, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Our Treatments

Thai Fusion

1 hour package (60 minutes)

Rs. 6,000
    Thai fusion with essential oil
  • Experience the enchanting and native therapy from Thailand. Touch healing and massage followed by designated acupressure points and energy meridians using finger-thumb-palm pressure therapies performedby a traditional, indigenous therapist.

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1:30 hours package (90 minutes)

Rs. 9,000
    Full body massage
  • Rejuvenate your body-mind connection with personalized aromatherapy body massage. Full body massage for 90 minutes will restore balance within the body, and mind and alleviates pain, stress and anxiety by increasing blood circulation and impacting the quality of life.

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De-stress and
Back Massage

2 hours package ( 120 minutes)

Rs. 12,000
    De-stress and recharge
  • Refresh and restart your life with recharge therapy. Focusing on the backof the body, this therapy is carried out by experienced estheticians to ease tense muscles and reduce stress levels while restoring and realigning energy.

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Tension Release
Tissue Massage

3 hours package ( 180 minutes)

Rs. 18,000
    Anti-tension therapy
  • Renew the afresh “you” through tension release deep tissue massage thatutilizes restoring techniques and treatments to revitalize from head to toe. Anti-tension massage will refresh your mind and enhance your thinking ability. Ease your pain and restore your body with a variety of massage techniques to manipulate the tissue, increase blood circulation and boost the metabolism.

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1 hour (60 minutes), Per Session

Rs. 40,000 For 10 Sessions
  • This classic relaxation package will impart overall relaxation to your body, mind and soul. Tranquilize the body by leaving out stress, anxiety and tension. Indulge in the pool of serenity and harmony through this customized relaxation package.
  • An affordable pack for all. The treatments are personalized to furnish thespecific needs. Relax, unwind and escape from constrained life.Disappear with us in the sphere of relaxation with a series of healing art techniques, body wraps, deep tissue massage, custom facial and other spa treatments of customized choice.

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The Ultimate

1hour 30 minutes ( 90 minutes) ,
Per Session

Rs. 90,000 For 10 Sessions
  • The overall wellness of the system is boosted with the ultimate indulgence package. Indulge with us for 90 minutes and renew the new version of you. Get pampered, beautified and enhanced immune strength. Start your day with silky body polish followed by body wraps, mask, manicure, pedicure, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, and other natural healing and nourishing treatments to impart deep relaxation and calming the senses

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La Luxe Today

Today, our wellness & spa centre enjoys a stellar international reputation. Its products are appreciated and lauded not only by luxury hotels and spas but also by our clients in the aesthetic clinics and medical facilities. This continually motivates us to continue to produce and craft the best and unsurpassed products in all these sectors.


We are proud of the fact that we offer unmatched “Customer Service” to our valued clientele. We treat each and every one of our customers with the highest level of attention and strive hard to provide them with personalized treatments to meet all their requirements and demands.

What Can You Expect From La Luxe?

Body Treatments

Recharge your body with a detoxifying treatment designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular distress. Treat poor circulation, swelling, aches, and pains, and reduce water retention with carefully constructed body treatments.


Feel energized, recharged, and ready for the demands of modern life. Nourish your skin and body with our lavishly hydrating body massage

Body Fitness

Know yourself inside and out with a body composition analysis, which provides the most comprehensive muscle and fat diagnosis available. Understanding your body’s inner health helps us to determine the best way forward to achieve your wellness goals.