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Greetings from ABC Studios. We are a wedding and a candid photography studio based in (location), India. We are a renowned studio known for our on-beat and off-beat photography, thereby directing movies and producing albums from the joyous day in your life. Led by (Proprietor’s Name), we commenced the studio back in the year (XXXX), and since then, we’ve created multifarious stories of endearing couples. We are ardent, smart-working, and a highly stimulated crew. We love weddings to the core and can’t hold back to witness yours! Suss out the prepossessing captures below! Manifesting the testimonials.

About Us

We at ABC Studios believe that photography doesn’t just rely on creating mesmerising captures. We see the camera as an avant-garde medium to freeze the precious and priceless moments. These moments can’t be lived again for sure, but we bestow you the finest memories by yielding the frozen profound captures. By amalgamating the proficiency and ingenuity, we ensure eternal and incomparable standstills, which makes you feel the moments.

Why Us

Being authentic is our key element to narrate a story on one of your prodigious days ever. Narrating stories and directing movies have always been an astounding profession to combine veracious techniques with our personal artistic insights. We have a professional team who clicks your spontaneous mood as life is all about being happy, crazy, weird, shy, sensual, romantic, playful, silent, and much more. We wish to present you with those mixed emotions in an authentic style, thereby naturally capturing the way you are.

Our Team

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John Doe


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Lisa Carlo


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Johnasan Jame

Video Editor

Our Service

We perceive photographs as a ‘return ticket’ for revisiting the juncture. It is all about creating your best stories, which can’t be put into words. We bestow you the potpourri emotions that delight you life-long, and it also takes you down the path of memory lane. Gaze-on the diversity of services provided by ABC Studios.

Wedding Stories

In the arithmetic concept of love, the sum of one on one is equivalent to everything, while subtracting two from one is nothing. Thus a joyous wedding is an event where two souls unite to remain blithe forever. On this grand commemorative occasion, we do our best to seize the moments with your beloved assorted group of people.

Candid Stories

Photography is not only about captivating the poses you give, it’s a lot more than that. With our well-built proficient and skillful crew, we expose your natural elegance and charisma through our candid photography. You needn’t take photographs, we actually make it. We assure you that you’ll be adored to see yourself through these candids with all commingled emotions.

Quality Images

Image quality can refer to the level of accuracy in which different imaging systems capture, process, store, compress, transmit and display the signals that form an image.

Post-Wedding Stories

Do you think our job ends as soon as your wedding gets completed? Absolutely not! We are also keen in rendering you the post-wedding shoot services in your yearned destination. Astonishing right? Our team will wander with you to your craved locations and endow you the splendid post-wedding scenes.

post-wedding shoot

A post-wedding shoot is a milestone in a marriage. A post-wedding shoot documents your journey with your partner and can be done anytime you would like.

Family Gatherings & Social Event Stories

Apart from the wedding and betrothal ceremonies, we further extend our services in making your birthday parties or any occasion of family gatherings an overwhelming success by arresting your ecstatic moments. We also accept social events and gatherings and proffer you the same.

Our Works

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Happy Clients

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Our Clients

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