Web Development Training Program

  • It is a 3-month executive training program bestowing best in class training for coding aspirants to build their web development career. This program aims to build many professional web developers bounded with profound knowledge in the related field. It is a great platform for coding aspirants to establish their career as web developers. 
  • It is a paid executive training program primarily concentrating on web development. The edification will be carried out by the industry professional who owns the best expertise in the related field. Through this executive training program, the learners will be exposed to the corporate workflow and gain an intense understanding of the real-time work. The program also assists learners for placement.

Executive program in web development

  • In the digitally transforming era, the world depends on the internet, website, application to procure their everyday necessity, to work, learn and every thing utterly depends on the software, application and website. The engineering mind behind the functionality, appearance and response of the everyday web interaction is the work of web developers. After a pandemic, it is important to choose a sounding career with prospective scopes and profitability and web development is one such career in the internet sphere.
  • This program intends to edify learners from the basics and assures to mould them into out-and-out professional web development. Hence, the learners will secure an executive position even as a fresher in the corporate world.
  • The prime training program is scheduled for 3-month which is ample time to learn, work out, understand, practice and sharpen the skills as professionals. The training program demands a fee of INR 25,000/- for the whole three months which is an affordable charge for the professional training that imparts a plethora of benefits. After 3 months of the training period, the learners will continue as an intern for the stipend of INR 8000/- per month. During the intern period, the students will engage in project-based works which will enhance their learnt skills. The chronicles of this training program are that it will let the learners understand the theoretical concepts through practical learning and live project engagements. The learners will be taught and supervision under the governance of experts which will enable the students to learn the nuances of the professionals.
  • If you wish to fetch an executive position in the corporate realm, then it is essential to mould yourself with the advanced skills, knowledge and insights with operational skills. So, that you could remain as a mastery even as a fresher hence, it could be easy for the recruiters to hire you.

Perks of the executive training program

  • The web development training program is a paid training program for 3-month which is ample time to build a professional web developer.
  • As web development is one of the growing sectors, securing an astounding career in this field can accelerate your professional growth.
  • Unlike other training programs, this web development training program edifies theories, practical sessions, project-based learning, real-time work experience and a chance of working with corporate experts.
  • Since, we impart live project assessments and works, the learners are exposed to conceptual applications which will endorse their skills.
  • After 3-month of the paid training program, the students will gain a stipend of INR 8000/- per month during the period of internship after 3 months while working on the live projects.
  • On successful completion, the students will be shortlisted based on their performance. The top performers of the training program will be hired in our entity.
  •  Every participant of the program will receive a course completion certificate.
  • This certificate will add up credits to the resume and it makes it easy for the recruiters to hire you.
  • The insights gained through the training will make students secure an incredible position in the corporate arena.
  • Learn the trade secrets and hacks of coding in web development under a white-collar web development training program.
  • We turn learners into professionals by teaching them with all the advanced knowledge and engaging them in practical sessions.
  • This program particularly for web development will mould you as a proper web developer and the certificate gained in the training will impress the recruiters to hire you.

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