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ABC Music Academy is a propitious academy with a philosophy to escalate music education. We aspire not only to assist students to establish an everlasting experience of music but also to furnish them the musical knowledge that would legitimately permit them to accomplish their musical ambitions, for both profession and passion

We incorporate our vast experience and excellence in the furnishing the cutting-edge sessions of music. Glance into our award-winning trainers, industry-inspired amenities, and top-notch programs to turn you into an outstanding musician. We emphasise on composing novel music and exploring the same while the neophytes attain excellence in skill to stage them or to lecture their music knowledge.

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Our expertise team steer you through the each and every single stride of the violin learning process. We have devised an effective and organised curriculum to coach you the finest techniques to turn you into a polished player. Right from the correct posture till composing contemporary music, we guide you meticulously. Be it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, we stand by your side to make you reach the next level

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Are you a brand-new beginner of guitar? Not a problem. We instruct you right from all the basics of the acoustic and electric guitar. Kick-start from here to end-up as a lead guitarist or even in staging a solo performance. While we deliver you the superior techniques, we except only persistent effort and interest for a prolonged period of time to master it


A resemblance to the piano, we take you the key techniques of pitch bend, glissandos, portamento, comping, and much more. We categorise the levels as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Prefer your level and get started now. Surprise your gang with our techniques, and we guide you to play your favourite songs in the most pleasant way!

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So ready to witness the piano techniques? Undoubtedly, this will be amusing. Go through our techniques gradually and master each stride along the path. This is due to the fact that it will assist you in building your musical foundation robust, which further lends you a hand in enhancing your piano playing skills. Our skilled professionals also stimulate you for special contests and events


It’s enough of playing random drum sessions from online. Glance the course at ABC music academy. Turbocharge your drumming sessions. We render you the premium curriculum for learning drums, which further guides you in accomplishing apogee outcomes. Playing your favourite songs on drums gives you immense pleasure and makes you proud.

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We provide a one-stop solution to all those who passionately yearn in learning flute and also for those who are seeking for quality decoded swaras of selected songs. This course is a fruitful gift for all the flute aspirants with highly comprehensive and complete sessions. We are proud to be a part of your music foundation, which may lead to wonders in the future


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  • MONDAY 06 - 08 PM
  • TUESDAY 05 - 07 PM
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  • THURSDAY 05 - 06 PM
  • FRIDAY 05 - 07 PM
  • SATURDAY 08 - 09 PM


  • MONDAY 04 - 05 PM
  • TUESDAY 06 - 07 PM
  • WEDNESDAY 02 - 04 PM
  • THURSDAY 08 - 09 PM
  • FRIDAY French st, 123
  • SATURDAY 03 - 05 PM


  • MONDAY 01 - 03 PM
  • TUESDAY 02 - 04 PM
  • WEDNESDAY 03 - 04 PM
  • THURSDAY 06 - 07 PM
  • FRIDAY French st, 123
  • SATURDAY 05 - 07 PM


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