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The millennial generation is in full gear right now. Being in the driving seat of action, they are taking the world by storm with their trailblazing achievements. Indeed by its looks, this generation is promising a potential that can usher the world into a new era of transformation.



Our mission is to provide in-depth information about everything in the entrepreneurial eco-system. Everything from the nano to the mega. All content is curated, researched, and verified first-hand. The magazine’s tone is crisp, straightforward, and applicable to resonate with its millennial and regular audience base.



As startups usually struggle with a lack of resources, and the team faces multiple attention demands, proposing business intelligence practices is a new challenge to overcome.Still, as information is a crucial resource for better decision making, it can pay off.Business intelligence matters. Whether it's for productivity or sales and revenue projections, using in-house tools can provide incredible insight into areas that need focus.It is a technology-driven process with workable strategies and applications to help analyze and represent data in any business setting.

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