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ABC Astrology steers in revealing what the universe is waiting to present you with the aid of your horoscopes, palm readings, tarot readings, birth chart and much more. We are one of the finest resources for decoding the universe. Get to know some of your life’s secret questions, be it your professional or personal life, atonement for your past activities, and even a guide to future predictions.
Our vast experience and excellence in astrology pave a path in distinct depiction for all your questions, thereby enabling a sense of trust and reliability with clients. Impelled through such beliefs, we stringently adhere to the principles of astrology, leaving no space for spurious predictions. We also furnish you a surfeit of horoscope and astrology subject matters as well.

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Tarot reading

Tarot reading is an archaic system, in which tarot cards are utilised for the insights and to explore the forthcoming. A conventional deck of tarot consists of 78 cards. It is further classified into minor and major arcana. It narrates the future of life, be it finance, career, health, relationship, marriage and whatsoever related to your life. It is one of the credible ways to access the gateway of your future life.

Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal ball reading is an esoteric legacy to manifest you an emblematic philosophy of forthcoming events in your life. This spread bestows you an unprecedented opportunity to research your life and its umpteen components. The crystal ball portrays the vitality and potential of the augural arts. It proffers you preservation, spirit to move progressive and accomplish success in your life.

Palm Reading

Palm reading is one of the proven sources of astrology, which interprets your future genuinely. It is an eminent science which renders precise and authentic results. The lines and mounts on the palm are used to predict rather than utilising the birth date and horoscopes. Each small, long, thick, thin lines in your palm relate the activities of your life.

Kundli - Dosh

Kundli is considered to be one’s plan for their life. It describes momentous accomplishments throughout your life and lapse of time in which it occurs. Our Kundli page provides you with all the elemental data requisite for a paramount examination of your horoscope. A deep glance at it would further reveal the logical part of astrology.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is considered to be a part of science, which deals with the architectural layout of a building. It is a belief that geographical surroundings enhance the constructive vibes of all persons who are in adjacent contact with the building. Vastu is utterly based eight directions and five elements of nature. On lack of this, they may suffer from adverse incidents persistently in their life.

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