Marketing and selling a product line needs a proficient knowledge of current and future insights on market trends. Startups and SMEs might lack this expertise to understand customer needs and market dynamics thoroughly. Hiring a Sales & Marketing Consultant would bring ease to move the product smoother in the potential market lanes with higher profits. Our experienced Sales & Marketing Consultants can define the market strategy, identify appropriate messages, and execute the strategy for better results.

We offer our S&M Insights in:

As an impeccable consultancy, we work on:
➢ Digital Marketing
➢ Branding
➢ Pricing
➢ Sales & Channel Management
➢ Consumer & Shopper Insights
➢ Insights & Analytics
➢ Marketing Return on Investment

What We Do:

We extend our expertise in Sales & Marketing operations for startups and SMEs in:

● Assessing the internal and external affecting factors from competitors, customer satisfaction, market trends, environmental factors, and technological innovations
● Implementing inbound marketing and cold calling for lead generation
● Creating clarity in communication done through websites, 1:1 sales conversation, and aligning S&M messaging
● Differentiating the client’s value by helping the sales team to engage the customers around their issues
● Refining the target focus in the market and positioning the product in the right market
● Aligning the repeatable selling process to match the buying behavior
● Nurturing long-term relationships between the in-house team and external vendors

Advantages of Our Association:

Cost-Effective: Retaining a marketing professional would impede any startup or SME, which could cost a lot more from their budget. Our incredible S&M consultant can be your brain-trust and skillset provider to cut the cost far less and for better collaboration with the in-house employees.

Building Your Reputation: Through social media and website, our S&M consultant can literally build your reputation by making the audience understand who you are and what you stand for. Eventually, this creates loyal customers on your way to add more brand value.

Lead Generation: Sales are less likely to happen if a startup fails to generate leads. Our S&M consultant can generate leads for your business by reaching out to potential customers, driving traffic to the website, building hype for any open days hosting, getting people to sign up for newsletters. These leads may turn into sales in the long run.