Venturesy business consultancy paves ways for wide exploration of new career opportunities. This pretentious concern looks for smart players in the business. The quality we prefer and adore multi-talented, fresh, young minds, the clump of creativity that aviates your peculiarity. We believe that young and fresh minds can justifiably think out of the box. We always intend to pioneer the industry whatever we step in. hence, we expect our team to all have the ideal standard of creativity and should possess the ability to stand out among our peers. The embodiment of being ingenious, enthusiastic and teaming is considered as the foremost significant criteria for the candidates. The roles are quite challenging and we expect our candidates to procure, deal with the challenges smartly. Engineering and management graduates are highly preferred.

Those graduates should have a piece of adequate knowledge in the related arenas

1. Strategy
2. Product design
3. Corporate finance
4. Operation
5. Organization
6. Sales and marketing

All the above-mentioned arenas are inter-connected. We look for candidates to fill these fields with their stupendous and creative ideas. The strategy is wholesome of tactics that we need to venture a start-up or SMEs. Strategies are the base for business ideation, determining the resources, designing the vision statement to manage compliance. Product design is a conceptualization of product ideas and evaluation of the product vision in the market. Corporate finance requires a management candidate, who can look after the financial management, status, analysis of investment plans, and financial strategy development for the client’s company. An organizational consultant is required to study the process of start-up, and SMEs. Ideas and target will be easier to frame but the process of working will be challenging, so we opt for operational skills in the candidate. Whatever the product or service we do, everything requires sales and marketing, without these two criteria, product and service are futile. The prospect should possess a wide knowledge about how to sell and reach the product to the targeted consumers.

Venturesy has exploration in all industries and probably looking for applicants to have to ingest knowledge and comprehensive erudition in the fields listed below.

1. Agribusiness
2. Snacks and foods
3. Mobility and automotive
4. Consumer products
5. Financial service
6. Media and entertainment
7. Education

The above-quoted fields require candidates at different designations. As per the graduation and knowledge, the positions will be allocated. The graduates should be management graduates or engineering graduates with an innovative and impudent mind. The applicant should have re-innovating ideas that ground breaks the stereotype of the industry and can redefine the diligence.