Venturesy is a professional services firm that has carved a niche in the Startup & SME sectors by providing independent and objective assurance about the achievement of business owners'/managers' financial and non-financial objectives.
We work with clients on business valuation, financial analysis, financial modeling, and cost reduction. We also help clients strengthen their finance functions, processes, and systems. Our professional consultants act as reliable providers of support and advisory services in taxation, accounting, financial consulting, business consulting, and training.
We recruit the most highly qualified professionals in the business from a wide range of backgrounds, so when we take on a project, we bring diverse ideas and knowledge as well as specific industry experience and functional expertise to the table.

Our Financial Consulting Services are designed to provide you with expert analysis and advice regarding your company's strategic decisions. As you consider exploring business opportunities, investments, and partnerships, it is essential to understand your decisions’ short, medium, and long-term ramifications. Our financial consulting services make it easy to understand your decisions’ financial impact on your company's future.
Our Financial Advisory Services are committed to acting in the best interest of our clients. The risk management practice revolves around identifying, analyzing risk, which ends with the right pricing of the calculated risks for our esteemed clients.
We advise corporate and financial clients across the deal life cycle, bringing deep deal experience coupled with on-point industry experts to structure, conduct due diligence, integrate, value, and communicate around the Transaction.

Apart from Consulting, Advisory, and Transactions, we extend our expertise in Strategy, Product Design, Corporate Finance, Operation, organization, and Sales & Marketing. Our procurement expertise extends to strategic sourcing and supply chain optimization, while our technology services include support for IT strategy development as well as specific platform deployments.
Our deep bench of senior-level industry practitioners understands our clients’ challenges, opportunities, and competitive landscapes. We offer expertise in various Industries: Real estate, Agribusiness, Retail, and much more.

Venturesy focuses on becoming a diversified platform to support our clients and aspiring entrepreneurs to understand and run their business better. We present our multitude of ventures - EMINT, Strategic League, Innovision Ideas & La Luxe Wedding. Each of the platforms uniquely catered to serve entrepreneurial success through our informative and intriguing resources. Our Academy venture is dedicated to nurturing managerial and leadership qualities to the higher authorities of an organization.

Venturesy helps organizations jumpstart or continue their Agile journey. We provide Agile consultants for your staff augmentation needs as well as Agile management consulting services for organizational assessments, roadmaps, transformation, and scalability. Startups can often get stationary without any shift due to a lack of this capability and strategy. Our firm evaluates the problem-solution fit, competitive landscape, and scans for the risks for your business. This program aims to assist in developing business processes and build an impactful strategy for your startup business.

Venturesy delivers our suite of Technology & Digital services as a critical component of our operational expertise across an array of industries to help organizations transform themselves. Technology and digital are not separate in leading companies but are infused into operations, strategy, and culture.

We are looking to partner with you and your business by providing innovative business solutions that will further help you understand your business better, make value-adding decisions, increase liquidity and profitability, improve operational efficiency and create a long-term, high percentage market share for your business.